What We Do

Network Audit

TOTALOFFTEC network audits solutions provide our clients with complete visibility of what is on their network, including all of the active network equipment’s. The objective of network audit is to provide a business with critical information about the IT environment. The audit provides stakeholders with access to reliable information about the IT assets, therefore allowing a business to make more informed decisions in relation to the finances, security and productivity of the IT assets.

Network Migration

Network migration is the process of transition from one operating environment to another normally when the latter is a better environment. TOTALOFFTEC network migration enables the clients to define and dedicate a separate network.


  • Expert and knowledgeable assessments and recommendations
  • Customized security testing services
  • Network reconnaissance and penetration testing

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A service-level agreement (SLA) is a contract between a network service provider and a customer that specifies, usually in measurable terms, what services the network service provider will furnish.

SLA specifies

  • The percentage of the time for availability of services
  • The number of users that can be served simultaneously
  • The schedule for notification in advance for changes in network that may affect users
  • Providing usage statistics.

Network Health Checkup

  • Analyzes device configurations for security and best practices in network configuration.
  • Identifies and catalogs all IT types of equipment deployed in the customer’s network.
  • Analyzes the version of the operating system to determine security and downtime risk.

On Call Support

TOTAL OFFTEC has a prompt on-call support system that responds to the emergency needs of a customer for solutions to any technological problem.

Project Management

The project management process of TOTALOFFTEC includes an effective management plan, design, integration, operation, and optimization that tends to the needs of the business and provides solutions for the problems it faces and might face.

Import & Distribution

TOTALOFFTEC imports, supplies, and distributes products among its vendors and customers with the world’s best quality products.

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