Infrastructure Design & Building

The success of any organization depends on a service-oriented intelligent network, the presence of an effective communication system, the convergence of communication and a good infrastructure for the network. To that end, TOTALOFFTEC has put in place various initiatives that aim to build a cost effective, highly efficient and secure solution able to provide operational support for an integrated business. By improving communication efficiency and speed, organizations can become more competitive and also more efficient by reducing cost of management and complexity of operation.

Wireless Networking Solution

TOTALOFFTEC offers wireless infrastructural support for large business organizations. The key features include wireless security, performance, deployment, management, and optimization.

Wireless Networks Offer

Anytime, anywhere access to information and collaboration with colleagues, business partners, and customers.
Real-time access to instant messaging, e-mail, and network resources
Boost in productivity and faster business decision making
Mobility services such as voice, guest access, advanced security, and location.


  • IP Mobility
  • Maintaining predictable service levels
  • Ease of access to technical expertise
  • Faster customer responsiveness
  • Real-time data access facility
  • Faster reaction to market events

Quality of Service Solution (QoS)

TOTALOFFTEC ensures availability, effective management of resources and prioritization of applications across the wide area network (WAN) by providing Qos Solution. This solution helps the network in providing better service in a traffic of selected networks that uses a combination of various technologies. By applying this solution the network administrator can have the full control over resources of a big organization. Qos Solution also enables an organization to create a fully integrated network and therefore more efficient usage of network resources in the long run.

Bandwidth Optimization Solutions

Bandwidth optimization & compression solutions for businesses & enterprises reduce bandwidth cost & enhance user experience. TOTALOFFTEC provides bandwidth optimization and integration solutions for business organizations to support a large network infrastructure with a fully integrated network comprising of data, voice and video.

Network Management System (NMS)

A network management system (NMS) is a combination of hardware and software used to monitor and administer a computer network. It provides faster decisions and is capable of fixing any problem before it can impact the business as whole with an infrastructure management system and thus optimises the IT infrastructure. NMS also manages the network elements (also called managed devices).

Device management includes troubleshooting, configuration, accounting, performance, and security management. Management tasks include assessment of network inventory, monitoring device health and status, identification of problems, their sources and possible solutions and taking action on alerts that notifies about conditions that can impact system performance.

IP Surveillance Solution

An IP surveillance system differs from a CCTV network by combining many or all the elements of a traditional analogue security network. This system provides a better quality of video traffic transmission by providing better connectivity, network bandwidth, and security and through bandwidth optimization. TOTALOFFTEC offers superior IP surveillance solution by delivering reliable and quality visual streams.

Video Conferencing Solution

TOTALOFFTEC offers video conferencing solution that creates a live, face-to-face communication experience over the network. It creates a multi-faceted communication experience for its users. The process enables users to have face-to-face audio-visual interaction where they can present and share information and collaborate their work over high-quality, multistream video.


  • Regular face-to-face management meetings with anyone, from anywhere.
  • Efficient time management and savings on the cost of travelling.
  • Easier access to and communication with experts anywhere in real time.
  • Building stronger relationships with clients and creating more business opportunities through an increased frequency of face-to-face meetings.

Data Centre Design & Building

Data Centre solutions helps an organization manage its information lifecycle, while reducing the risk of IT disruptions, and minimizing cost and complexity. A Data Centre is now considered to be the most secure and sensible solution for consolidation of overall IT infrastructure, information distribution process and effectiveness of applications.


  • Enhanced data privacy.
  • Increased business agility and resiliency.
  • Consolidated IT structure, better distribution of corporate information and increased effectiveness of applications.
  • Trusted security infrastructure.
  • Improved compliance and cost and complexity minimization.

Core Network Design & Building

An organization’s ability to deliver results is effectively determined by its core network design & structure. Building a converged network infrastructure that is reliable, scalable and cost-effective involves is therefore critical. This enables the integration of multi-vendor solutions, products and technologies.

TOTALOFFTEC's Core network design & building offers:

  • Structured Cabling solutions
  • Converged Wide Area networking solutions

Access Control

TOTALOFFTEC supplies a high quality access control system. The access control software can offer complete control on a particular zone or door with time controllers and full reporting, with links to existing fire systems.

Unified Computing System

The Unified Computing System is designed to simplify traditional architectural tasks and dramatically reduce the number of devices that must be purchased, cabled, configured, powered, cooled, and secured in the data centre. The Cisco Unified Computing System is a next-generation data centre platform that unites computers, networks, storage access and virtualization to create a cohesive system that reduces TCO and increases business agility.

Virtualization & Replication

Virtualization allows multiple operating system instances to run concurrently on a single computer. It is a process of separating hardware from a single operating system. Each “guest” OS is managed by a Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) which is also known as a hypervisor. Because the virtualization system sits between the guest and the hardware, it can control the guests’ use of CPU, memory, and storage, and even allowing a guest OS to migrate from one machine to another.

Replication is the process of creating and managing duplicate versions of a database. Replication not only copies a database but also synchronizes a set of replicas so that changes made to one replica are reflected in all the others.

Small Manageable Business (SMB)

A full array of SMB solutions is offered by TOTALOFFTEC. These solutions can equip small businesses with superior performance. TOTALOFFTEC provides networking, communications, wireless, security, storage, routing, and switching products that are required by SMBs.


  • Ensures smooth operation of the business by ensuring minimum hindrances of untimely network disasters or spotty connection issues.
  • Delivers optimal performance with advanced features that gives SMBs the ability to meet more rigorous application demands.
  • Advanced security measures keep the network and data safe by granting access to privileged users only.

Data Off Load

TOTALOFFTEC provides high availability data off load balancing solutions to maximize application availability in large business organizations. It facilitates the performance and reliability of applications and handles rapid increase in the number of end users.

Software Design and Development

TOTALOFFTEC already developed different kinds of customized software like Accounting management software, Shop management software, Product tracking software for Courier service, Human Resource Management, Payroll Management etc. Beside this we provide mobile apps, Web Design & Development, Search engine optimization (SEO), Domain Registration , Dedicated Hosting Server, Logo Design, e-commerce development and outsourcing solutions.

Storage Solution

TOTALOFFTEC provides fast, simple and reliable storage solution for small and mid-sized businesses that need large amounts of data stored economically and can be accessed and shared by multiple users over a network.


  • Better Data Management
  • A communication and data storage facility at an affordable Cost
  • Maximization of productivity
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